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                   Welcome to Mango's Persians!!

We are Clare & Paul and we live in Suffolk.

We are established, hobby breeders, and have been rearing a small number of gorgeous, Pedigree Persians, every year. 

We have been breeding Persians for about 9 years, although Paul has grown up with Persians for the last 30 years!

Pictured below is Daisy, a wonderful smoke calico, from a litter from Bluebell in 2011! She was hand reared by ourselves from only a day old - an example of some of the beautiful kittens that we offer.

We are a very responsible breeder and normally only have one litter from each of our girls a year. We have often had a large waiting list and feel this is testament to the type of kittens we raise!

All out kittens are bred from PKD negative lines - all PKD negative paperwork can be seen during viewings. We strongly advise against the purchase of any Persian (or Persian cross or exotic) without this paperwork.

In addition to this, we do not agree with keeping cats outside, or in cages or pens, and all of our cats live in doors with us. This includes our stud cats Mango, & Barnaby. All our cats are PKD/DNA negative tested and come with a full, four generation pedigree. 

Mango - Christmas 2007 

We have three girls, Guiness (a solid black), Chelsea (an ultra faced dominant tortie and white) and Bluebell (a blue and white bi ultra). All our cats have outstanding pedigree.

Because we raise a small number of kittens each year, this gives us the opportunity to spend lots of time with them. When our kittens leave us, they are extremely well socialised.

(Above - 'Archie', a black & white bi ultra male from Bluebell....simply perfect!!!!)

 All our kittens come with a full, four generation pedigree, individualised with a photo of your kitten. They are fully inoculated with both their 9 & 12 week vaccinations, and are wormed, vet checked and litter trained before they leave us. Kittens leave us with four weeks free Pet Plan insurance.

(Above) - 'Ringo'- A red & white ultra bi boy from Chelsea's litter in 2012

We care very much about our kittens and we find saying goodbye is really difficult. Therefore, they are not ready to go to their new families until they are 12/13 weeks old, as it is important to us that the little ones are fully ready to leave their mum.

(Above) 'Phoebe - A Cameo tortie from Guiness' litter May 2012

(Above) is Chelsea - one of our girls - picture taken at 11 weeks!!

Our kittens are sold to loving pet homes only, and it is important that if you are intending to let your Persian outside, that you have a safe and secure garden for it to play - and some nice pots to sleep in (as Chelsea - pictured below demonstrates!)

 Our terms and conditions of sale state all kittens must be neutered at around six months and you may be asked to provide evidence of this, as they are not registered for breeding - we do not wish for them to be bred.



 'Above - 'Harvey' (a solid black ultra male) May 2012!

We would kindly ask you to read the TERMS OF SALE link before making a serious commitment to purchase a new addition to your family.

'Cosmo' (a shaded silver) - one of Guiness' babies - November 2009!

 We hope you enjoy our website and please feel free to leave comments in our guestbook!

 Thanks! Clare & Paul